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Consumer housewares

Transform your thinking about clear polymers.

Eastman Tritan? copolyester is a significant and welcome breakthrough that transforms the performance of copolyesters.

Tritan builds on the versatility of its predecessors—including clarity, toughness, and chemical resistance—to create a new standard for consumer and commercial housewares and sports bottles.

It's natural to compare Tritan with polycarbonate (PC) because of its heat-resistance advantages over traditional copolyesters. But Tritan offers a variety of processing, performance, and sustainability advantages over PC—and other clear polymers such as SAN and SMMA—in a variety of housewares applications.

Tritan provides a unique balance of the following properties, allowing you to create differentiated products with compelling value:

  • Glasslike clarity
  • Toughness
  • Chemical resistance
  • Processability
  • Hardness
  • Made without BPA
  • Tintability
  • Surface gloss
  • Strength
  • Heat resistance
  • Economics
  • Design flexibility

For more information about how this balance of properties can turn into advantages for you, click here.

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